NORTHLESS - World Keeps Sinking - Out Now

World Keeps Sinking is available now from Gilead Media / Halo of Flies!

World Keeps Sinking Makes Express Milwaukee's List of Essential Albums of 2013

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"Ironically, despite its greater immediacy, World Keeps Sinking might be an even bleaker listen than Clandestine Abuse. The group’s accounts of societal self-destruction are more chillingly vivid than ever."

World Keeps Sinking Makes Milwaukee AV Club's Top 15 of 2013

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"The thing that unites the album, and the entire Northless catalog, is the visceral combination of anguish and outrage, exemplified not only in the fatalistic lyrics of songs like 'Last Of Your Kind' and 'Wither And Escape,' but in the layers of discord and ballistic aggression in 'Communion' and the epic masterpiece 'Passage.'

World Keeps Sinking Makes Gear Gods Top 15 Metal Albums of the Year

MetalReviews Gives World Keeps Sinking 8/10

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"At their most interesting, Northless’s sound seems to teeter precariously under its own weight; for an example, see the way opener Last of Your Kind lurches violently from ominous doom chords to sumptuously slow, hardcore-influenced grooves. The sound can come across as slightly unstable, prone to sudden accelerations, and the songwriting often conjures a kind of jerky abrasiveness. Of course, in reality it is precisely executed and put together with great care and ambition. The... Read More

PopMatters Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"On World Keeps Sinking, Northless has upped the lot, with grander, heavier, and more-dynamic compositions. Echoes of Neurosis, Swans, and Shellac can be heard, but what Northless deals in, primarily, is off-kilter uber-intensity. “Kuru”, and “Communion” are bass-rumbling crawls towards oblivion, with giant, reverberating sounds slamming into contorted textures. "

Metal Bandcamp Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"Northless are by no means re-inventing the genre of sludge but what they are doing is owning it like few bands have done before them. They do more than plod out riffs, they make the listener feel and they make the listener care. Developing a strong relationship with their sound this album moves from common sludge album to something special and something that needs to be experienced."

The Ritual Reviews World Keeps Sinking

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"The post metal influences are still prevalent in this album, with Northless still offering a few moments of sonic journey through their intriguing soundscapes. The second longest track of the album, “Communion”, conjures the power of the emotional leads and heavy riffs, with the band bringing forth their melodic side to create a great contrast to their overall heavy and bleak sound."