Halo of Flies Records
Cory at Halo of Flies has been responsible for the release of No Quarter for the Damaged, Leaving the Wolves, Valley of Lead, The Lightbearer Split the co-release of Clandestine Abuse, and the co-release of World Keeps Sinking. He also has a huge distro of an incredible number of bands. Go and buy as much as your bank account can manage.

Gilead Media
Adam at Gilead Media has been instrumental in getting the word out about NORTHLESS after co-releasing Clandestine Abuse and World Keeps Sinking with Halo of Flies. Gilead is constantly putting out new incredible releases. We can't recommend Gilead enough.

Siege of Power Records
Dave at Siege of Power is responsible for the CD release of Clandestine Abuse.

Skeletal Lightning
Sean at Skeletal Lightning put co-released the Inside Our Darkened Hearts compilation tape, and threw an awesome two day fest in Champaign in April, 2013. 

Error Records
The other co-conspirator in the Inside Our Darkened Hearts compilation tape.

Howl Street Recordings
The only place in Milwaukee that could capture NORTHLESS to tape. Shane Hochstetler is the best engineer around, and has been responsible for recording everything NORTHLESS has released.

Paul Evan Jeffrey
Paul Jeffrey is responsible for the phenomenal artwork for the Clandestine Abuse DLP, and most recently for the incredible layout/design for World Keeps Sinking.

Kuma's Corner
Kuma's is a metal-themed burger restaurant in Chicago whose burger of the month for March 2011 was the NORTHLESS burger. If there's some other metric for success than burgers, we don't want to know what it is.

NORTHLESS on Twitter
Sure to be updated regularly when we're out on the road, or when we can fit anything of value into 140 characters.

NORTHLESS on Facebook
The second best source for NORTHLESS information after this site.

NORTHLESS on Bandcamp
Stream and buy most of our releases.

NORTHLESS on Myspace
Listen to the entirety of No Quarter for the Damaged and other out of print tunes here.

Inkblot Records
Inkblot put out the 7" Split with Protestant, and have a ton of excellent music available.

DIY Milwaukee Punk Metal & Experimental
A great resource from our friend David Bruss on the diverse and seedy underbelly of Metal, Punk and Noise in Milwaukee.

Light Bearer
Sick metal on Halo of Flies. We split an LP with them in 2012.

The United Sons of Toil
Madison's own angular rock for the people.

Beast in the Field
One of the best live bands going right now. Our brothers from other mothers.

Powerviolence from Ft. Wayne. They will crush you.

Jerry, our bass player, is a phenomenal guitarist. Erik is an incredible drummer. This is their death metal band.

If aliens came down to earth to prove they were better musicians than you, this is what they would sound like.

Mahogany Throttle
Instrumental math rock from Milwaukee.

This Specific Dream
Instrumental psych-metal from Milwaukee.