Clandestine Abuse DLP Repress - CD Version Out Soon on Siege of Power

Fresh off of two great shows with Madison's United Sons of Toil, there is a lot going on in the grim north. NORTHLESS has one more show this spring, the Golden Thread Records Comp and DVD release show, and then we're going to spend a couple months writing for next year's split DLP with the mighty Light Bearer and preparing for our east coast tour in August.

Great news on the Clandestine Abuse front: we're almost sold out of the first run of DLPs, and we'll be re-pressing another series, again through Halo of Flies, this time in translucent red vinyl. Huge thanks to everybody who bought a copy and came out to show support on our spring tour, and at subsequent shows!

For those of you who haven't bought a copy because you don't believe in old fashioned victrola technologies, your chance to own Clandestine Abuse on 1980's era CD tech is almost here! Within the next few weeks, Siege of Power Records will be releasing the CD version of Clandestine Abuse.

If you're from the future and completely eschew all media based sound generators, you can download Clandestine Abuse from iTunes or Amazon. Or you can steal it, if you're a some sort of future hobo who doesn't believe in supporting bands you like.

Still not convinced? Check out the review and interview below.

Crowbar's older, bigger, dumber brother. (Hanging out with Godflesh.)

"they drew the circle and this was the beautiful demon that answered, a crushing feel with hints of a distinct personal sound– no mean feat in heavy metal, particularly sludge, which usually sacrifices identity for sheer weight."

Northless: Finding Catharsis Through Metal

"While all of Clandestine Abuse trades in images of grief, anger and despair, the lyrics to "The Storm" seem more personal, as if Stenglein was directly addressing someone. "You do it to your own kind," he sings, "where your children cannot see. You do it because you hate; you're no better than us." The world can be a horrible place. It does us no good, Northless reminds us, to try to look the other way."

Still to come on Shirts and other merch, direct iTunes and Amazon links, pure hilarity and existential angst.

We're grateful for the support.